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GSA eBuy’s New Set-Aside Features

ABMI has noticed a positive reaction to GSA eBuy’s new Set-Aside features. See the new changes explained here by MAS Blogger on GSA Interact:

“eBuy, GSA’s request-for-quote (RFQ) system, has been updated to facilitate set-asides.

Now you can choose whether your requirement will be set-aside for small business or another small business category. If you decide to set-aside the requirement, then the RFQ will be viewable only by eligible Schedule contractors. For example, only HubZone Schedule contractors could view a RFQ set-aside for HubZone small business concerns.

The eBuy posting will include a label identifying what kind of a set-aside it is and language stating that quotes from Schedule contractors who are not eligible for the set-aside will not be considered for award.”

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Visit the GSA blog to read the full article.