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Small Business Administration Makes It Easier to Issue HUBZone Contracts

With so many sweeping changes being implemented in the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) final rule, there has been limited discussion about the impact on the historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone) program. However, the final rule includes changes that significantly affect HUBZone nonmanufacturers and federal agencies/prime contractors looking for ways to do business with them.

AttainIt wants to sell the US Department of Agriculture a product made in U.S. by a large business for $50,000.

Current state: not possible to issue HUBZone set aside or sole source contract since it’s over $25,000 and not manufactured in the U.S. by a HUBZone small business concern

After June 30: totally possible to issue a HUBZone set aside or sole source contract!

Considering the federal government has NEVER met its HUBZone goal since the law was enacted in 1998, these SBA changes could be just what the federal government needs to finally meet or exceed the mandatory 3% HUBZone goal (View scorecards).

AttainIt has been a certified HUBZone firm since 2005, and its president, Dawn Hall, was recognized as the 2015 HUBZone Owner of the Year by the National HUBZone Council. AttainIt sells many products made in the U.S., and the final rule will allow AttainIt to offer thousands more items made in other countries by any size business at discounted prices.

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