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Strong supporters of WOSB!

The WOSB Federal Contract Program was implemented in February 2011 with the goal of expanding the number of industries where WOSB were able to compete for business with the federal government.  This program enables Economically Disadvantaged WOSBs (EDWOSBs) to compete for federal contracts that are set-aside for EDWOSBs in industries where women-owned small businesses are underrepresented.

Congratulations to the Department of Interior for meeting 12.86% spend with Woman Owned Small Business!  The following agencies met or exceeded their FY 16 Woman Owned Small Business spend goal:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of State
  • Department of the Interior
  • Department of the Treasury
  • Department of Transportation
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • General Services Administration
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Office of Personnel Management
  • Small Business Administration
  • Social Security Administration

Sole Source authority for ED-WOSB and WOSB was implemented with an SBA Final Rule in October 2015 and AttainIt was awarded the first WOSB Sole Source contract in January 2016.  Effective October 14, 2015, the rule levels the playing field for women-owned small businesses across the federal contracting marketplace. 

“Women-owned businesses are growing three times faster than their counterparts, yet the federal government has not achieved its goal of awarding 5 percent of federal contracts to women.  By granting contracting officers this new authority to award sole-source contracts to women-owned businesses, SBA is taking a major step forward in leveling the playing field and supporting our country’s dynamic female entrepreneurs,” said SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet. “After all, if we want a more diverse supply chain, Uncle Sam needs to lead by example.”

Firms that SBA certified into the 8(a) Business Development Program qualify as an EDWOSB. 8(a) certified firms are required to provide their initial approval letter and most recent annual review letter from SBA.  An annual review letter provides proof that firms have demonstrated their continuing eligibility to participate in the 8(a) BD Program.

The government achieved the 5% WOSB goal for the first time for FY 2015, unfortunately they were unable to match that performance in FY 2016.  We look forward to helping them achieve the program goals for FY 17!  Contact your AttainIt Account Manager to find out how we can help you achieve your small business goals!  AttainIt maintains three federal supply schedules and has a robust offering of scientific research instrumentation, laboratory supplies and industrial supplies.  Check us out at

There are Set-Aside and Sole Source contracting options in the WOSB program.

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