Maintenance, Repair & Operations - Attainit

Competitive Prices,
On-Demand Product Availability

AttainIt can help you find competitive prices on the everyday products you rely on, and deliver them where you need, when you need to keep operations running smoothly. We partner with W.W. Grainger to give you fast access to daily consumables at whatever volume you need while complying with supplier diversity goals. You get dependable products and reliable fulfillment, plus uncompromising service from a dedicated small business partner.

Federal Contracts:

GSA Schedule 66 GS-07F-0092W

GSA Schedule 23V GS-30F-0037X

State Contracts: WSCA? TXMAS? Please Specify.

WSCA Facilities Maintenance, Lighting Products, Industrial Supplies and Tools  7-11-51-02

NAICS Codes: 339999 423610 423710 423720 423840