Sustainability Policy - Attainit

Sustainability Policy

Part 1: Vision, Goals and Objectives

Vision Statement:

AttainIt empowers others to attain their goals by providing products and services, in partnership with our suppliers, that promote environmental stewardship. Our vision becomes reality by putting into action programs and practices that reduce the use of natural resources, optimize energy-efficient products and technologies, and foster innovations and creative solutions that add value for our clients, communities and planet.

Goals and Objectives:

Goal 1: With a focus on energy conservation, AttainIt will reduce the amount of energy used in our company offices by working with our suppliers, vendors and staff. 

  • Objective 1: Purchases of equipment used in the company offices are evaluated for ENERGY STAR or similar rating.
  • Objective 2: Staff places in energy-saving mode or turns off the lights, computers and other equipment when not in use.

Goal 2: With a focus on pollution prevention, AttainIt will reduce the amount of waste produced.

  • Objective 1: We maximize use of technology to reduce paper consumption.
  • Objective 2: We re-purpose and/or reuse items such as dishes.
  • Objective 3: We recycle items such as batteries, cardboard, paper and pop cans.
  • Objective 4: We encourage staff to carpool, walk and/or use public transportation. 

Goal 3: With a focus on education and training, AttainIt will integrate the sustainability policy and objectives into HR practices.

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  • Objective 1: All newly hired staff will receive sustainability policy education.
  • Objective 2: All staff will receive sustainability policy education annually.
  • Objective 3: Staff are encouraged to offer suggestions to the policy to further enhance
    and develop the sustainability policy and practices of the company.

Goal 4: With a focus on procurement, AttainIt partners with suppliers to identify eco-friendly features of their products and services to highlight to potential customers/end users. 

  • Objective 1: Manufacturers are encouraged to have at least one of the following policies, practices or certifications:
    • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) compliance
    • ISO 14001 certification
    • Manufacturing facilities powered in part by alternative energy sources
    • Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) compliance
    • Formal environmental-packaging policy
    • Sponsorship or participation in formal product take-back/recycling program
  • Objective 2: We strive to include eco-friendly features in online catalog product descriptions.
  • Objective 3: We highlight eco-friendly features in bid proposals when possible.


Part 2: Commitments, Intent and Show of Support

Statement of commitment:

AttainIt is committed to establishing, promoting, maintaining and improving a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility by suppliers, vendors and staff.

Statement of Support

As the owners of AttainIt, we are committed to these goals and objectives. We are concerned about the future of our planet and strive to do our best to reduce our carbon footprint, and that of our staff, suppliers and vendors. Future generations and communities depend on our leadership.