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Who We Are


Driven People Set Us Apart

Welcome to AttainIt, your small business partner with big business reach. Formerly known as ABMI All Business Machines, Inc., AttainIt provides a wide range of high-quality products with single-contact convenience and unparalleled customer service to help organizations attain their supplier diversity program goals and grow their businesses. AttainIt is an Economically-Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business and  a SBA certified HubZone business.

Karl Ross, Colonel (Retired) U.S. Air Force Reserve, founded the business in October 2001. The company initially focused on selling office products and business machines to commercial and government customers, and has grown to provide state and federal government agencies and federal and prime contractors with exceptional value through our unprecedented relationships, unequaled product depth, and best-in-class ecommerce system.

Company timeline:

October 24, 2001 – All Business Machines, Inc. is formed by Colonel Karl Ross.
February 26, 2002 – All Business Machines, Inc. is certified by the State of California as a disabled veteran business enterprise (DVBE).
Prior to 2003 – Agreement signed with Snap-on
June 30, 2005 – All Business Machines, Inc. is certified by the Small Business Administration as a Historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone) firm.
February 11, 2008 – Agreement signed with Agilent Technologies
October 1, 2008 – Agreement signed with Grainger – member of Distributor Alliance program since 2006
November 25, 2008 –All Business Machines, Inc. is verified by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB)
May 27, 2010 – Agreement signed with Garratt-Callahan
March 22, 2011 – Agreement signed with Thermo Fisher Scientific
June 9, 2011 – Agreement signed with FLIR
October 7, 2011– All Business Machines, Inc. files dba as ABMI.
August 27, 2012 – Agreement signed with Polaris
August 15, 2014 – AttainIt named as Top SDVOB
October 16, 2014 – All Business Machines, Inc. files dba as AttainIt.
June 1, 2015 – Agreement signed with Grifols
August 17, 2015 – AttainIt named as Top SDVOB
October 1, 2015 – Dawn Hall becomes president; AttainIt is now woman-owned small business.
October 5, 2015 – Dawn Hall named HUBZone Business Owner of the Year by the HUBZone Council.
October 14, 2015 – Agreement signed to offer Agilent vacuum products
November 19, 2015 – Agreement signed with Peak Scientific
November 23, 2015 – AttainIt is certified by the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce as an economically-disadvantaged, woman-owned small business.
January 22, 2016 – AttainIt receives the first federal sole source contract for woman-owned small businesses in the U.S.
February 12, 2016 – AttainIt is certified by the Small Business Administration for the 8(a) business development program.
March 31, 2016 – AttainIt is certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as a women’s business enterprise.

Built on a Rock Solid Foundation

Throughout its journey, AttainIt has displayed the grit and resolve espoused by its founder Karl Ross, Colonel (Retired) U.S. Air Force Reserve. AttainIt has been built on the principles of respect, dignity, trust and transparency. We value our loyal partners and team members, and remain steadfastly committed to providing excellence in service. We adhere to the following core values that have shaped our growth and will undeniably lead us forward:

  • Integrity First
  • Service Before Self
  • Excellence in All that We Do

AttainIt is committed to establishing, promoting, maintaining and improving a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility by suppliers, vendors and staff. We empower others to attain their goals by providing products and services, in partnership with our suppliers, that promote environmental stewardship. Our vision becomes reality by putting into action programs and practices that reduce the use of natural resources, optimize energy-efficient products and technologies, and foster innovations and creative solutions that add value for our clients, communities and planet.

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Simplify Procurement, Vendor Management, and Audits

AttainIt has invested in cutting edge technology and extensive training to make online transactions easy. You get direct access to online catalogs for all our active partners, and can see real-time pricing details and manage delivery schedules to make sure you get exactly the items you want, exactly when you want them. All online orders are secure and confirmed automatically via email.

AttainIt’s long-standing relationships with some of the most respected suppliers in the country allow us to fulfill a wide range of product demands from a single web portal. Plus, order information can be integrated with most electronic procurement systems and all transactions are approved and tracked online, so audit trails are simple to produce and audit requirements are easy to comply with.

You can always talk to AttainIt’s experienced team directly. And you have complete online convenience at your fingertips too.

Credit Rating
Financial Strengths Our Clients Can Leverage

AttainIt has demonstrated conservative fiscal management and earned a quality credit rating that helps us help clients find immediate access to the products they need. We are a small business partner with a proven track record of reliability, performance and service.

Team Members
Meet the Best in the Business

The high level of service our clients have come to expect is a direct reflection of the dedication and commitment of the entire AttainIt team. We are driven by the vision and determination of our founder, and work to exemplify the tenets of our core values in every relationship. Some of our team members serving you:

Dawn Hall, President.  Years at AttainIt: 7 – Years in the Industry: 25+
Dawn Hall became AttainIt’s majority owner, president and chairwoman of the board of directors on October 1, 2015. Under her leadership, AttainIt is now certified as a Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a); economically-disadvantaged, woman-owned small business; and historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone) firm.

Hall started at All Business Machines Inc., now doing business as AttainIt, in 2009 as operations manager. She was promoted to vice president in 2013 and became an owner in 2014. During her tenure, gross sales increased from $13.5 million in 2009 to almost $29 million in 2015, and the number of employees almost doubled from 13 to 25. Hall was recognized for her contributions as the 2015 HUBZone Owner of the Year by the HUBZone Council, and AttainIt recently received the first federal sole source contract for women-owned small businesses in the U.S.

Part of Hall’s commitment to on-the-job training and employee empowerment stems from her own experiences in entry-level positions that afforded her the opportunity to learn and develop. She used this training to advance her career in finance and technology and eventually formed her own company — Quick Simple Retail — to help small- and medium-sized businesses set up and maintain accounting systems and inventory control. The company merged with a larger technology consulting firm in 2008, and soon after All Business Machines, Inc. recruited her to lead their operations.

While Hall’s time is limited outside of work; she does enjoy CrossFit and spending time with her family and two dogs. exec@attainit.net


Charity Guimont, Chief Financial Officer. Years at AttainIt: 5, Years in the Industry: 12
Charity Guimont oversees and leads the annual budgeting and planning process in conjunction with other executive team members. She administers and reviews all financial plans and budgets, monitors progress and changes, and keeps senior leadership alerted to AttainIt’s financial status. Guimont manages internal resources to ensure contract compliance and accuracy in AttainIt’s financial reporting and billing practices. She consistently fine-tunes processes to make invoice processing easier for our customers and ensures each transaction is reviewed for accuracy and contract compliance.  cguimont@attainit.net

Brad Hall, Technical Director. Years at AttainIt: 1, Years in the Industry: 20+
Brad Hall is responsible for the end-to-end vision and implementation of technology to promote growth and efficiency internally and with customers. With a proven track record of resolving complex issues across many teams and technology platforms by ensuring an appropriate level of urgency and attention during critical incidents and escalations, Hall is able to manage team action plans, maintain internal status updates and deliver solutions. Hall is a trusted advisor to executive leadership and well-regarded for the ability to innovate measurable improvements in product support, development and design. bhall@attainit.net

Mackenzie Evers, Customer Care Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 3, Years in the Industry: 10
Mackenzie Evers provides highly-skilled administrative support to the president, going above and beyond to make sure all day-to-day activities, meetings and schedules run smoothly and efficiently. She conducts research and collects and analyzes data to prepare reports and documents supporting the mission of the company. Evers is often called upon to assist the president and other management staff with problem resolution and decision making, as well as acting as a liaison between the president and other staff members.  mevers@attainit.net


Contract Specialists

Janet Potter, Inside Sales Manager. Years at AttainIt: 6, Years in the Industry: 25+
Janet Potter works with all AttainIt partners and team members to ensure the highest levels of prompt, courteous and professional customer service. She manages internal resources to ensure that customer requests are responded to with the correct discount pricing structure, contract vehicle, and in a timely manner. Potter is highly professional and diplomatic in delicate situations, resolving conflicts with skill so all parties are satisfied. AttainIt is fortunate to benefit from her excellent management skills and guidance to team members in the areas of price negotiations, customer service and contract management. jpotter@attainit.net

Valeria Noriega, Contract Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 5, Years in the Industry: 10
Valeria Noriega creates and maintains positive customer and vendor relationships. Noriega is experienced in deciphering and placing complicated orders for laboratory equipment and maintenance. She can provide information on product availabilityand pricing for federal and state customers. She develops close relationships with vendors in order to provide customers with negotiated discounts and upgrades. Noriega specializes in research laboratory equipment and services. vnoriega@attainit.net

Angie Thao, Contract Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 2, Years in the Industry: 3 ½
Angie Thao works diligently on a high number of detailed quotes, providing accurately and timely information to customers. She communicates closely with customers on their specific requirements and can always be counted on to produce quotes meeting exact customer specifications. Thao also updates and maintains the AttainIt outreach database. athao@attainit.net

Veronica Cruz, Sales Support Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 1, Years in the Industry: 2
Veronica Cruz provides high-level support to the vice president, working hard to ensure the VP has maximum opportunities to support the mission of the company. She works closely with the contract specialist team to coordinate and complete professional and compliant bid packages and responses to sources sought. You may receive an email from Cruz as she also participates in outreach to purchasing agents and small business advocates.  vcruz@attainit.net


Customer Care Team

Anita Goodlow, Customer Care Manager. Years at AttainIt: 5, Years in the Industry: 10
Anita Goodlow is responsible for processing customer orders, requests for service and supplier purchase orders. She is responsible for following up on all open orders and communicating to the customer any pertinent information regarding an order or orders. She regularly reviews customer orders and communicates with clients in regards to backordered products to provide accurate and timely updates. Goodlow specializes in complicated customer service issues, providing quick resolutions that leave all stakeholders pleased with the outcome. agoodlow@attainit.net

Jennifer Lancaster, Customer Care Team Lead. Years at AttainIt: 9, Years in the Industry: 9
As AttainIt’s most senior employee, Jennifer Lancaster has worked in many different capacities across all departments over the years. Currently, Lancaster oversees AttainIt’s customer order process and provides order acknowledgments and status updates to clients. She manages internal resources to ensure all orders are processed in a timely and accurate manner and customers receive frequent and appropriate updates. jlancaster@attainit.net

Dallas Hadden, Customer Care Coordinator. Years at AttainIt: 1, Years in the Industry: 1
Dallas Hadden is responsible for reviewing all open orders and providing recommendations to team members regarding any outstanding orders. Hadden also reviews all completed orders, ensuring accuracy and completeness of all records in the company transaction database.  dhadden@attainit.net

Fahn Saechao, Customer Care Coordinator. Years at AttainIt: 2, Years in the Industry: 6
Fahn Saechao is often the first point of contact for customers. Saechao answers all phone calls and customer chats via the website (hyperlink?), greets visitors, and keeps the entire staff apprised of the office “happenings” each week. She logs each customer request and works with the AttainIt team to ensure customers receive prompt, friendly and professional levels of service.  fsaechao@attainit.net


Accounting Team

Sparkell Freeman, Accounting Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 2, Years in the Industry: 5
Sparkell Freeman is responsible for accurately billing customers. She exhibits a strong attention to detail and is highly skilled in performing detailed reviews of invoices after orders have been shipped. Freeman is experienced with invoice submission across many different platforms and works hard to ensure total billing accuracy. sfreeman@attainit.net

Tim Guimont, Accounting Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 2, Years in the Industry: 2
Tim Guimont is responsible for billing customers and reviewing all transactions prior to closing. Guimont makes sure all records are complete and accurate, tracking down any information necessary for completion. Guimont also reviews customer contracts, communicating with other team members to ensure compliance and completion. tguimont@attainit.net

Semmy Michel, Accounting Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 3, Years in the Industry: 40+
Semmy Michel is responsible for accounts payable, making sure our suppliers and office expenses are paid promptly and accurately. She develops, generates, and distributes a monthly accounting calendar with due dates detailing accounting functions to be completed. Michel also oversees daily cash management for the CFO, and works closely with the CFO to monitor and update the daily financial status of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & Payroll, and posts to accounting system. smichel@attainit.net

LaToya Reynolds, Accounting Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 2, Years in the Industry: 8
LaToya Reynolds is responsible for billing customers and invoice submission across many different platforms. She diligently and thoroughly reviews all transactions, from quote to order to invoice, to make sure all information is accurate and complete. Reynolds has experience working in different positions, across departments, allowing her a unique perspective into how each aspect of the company works together to create the best experience possible for the customer. lreynolds@attainit.net

Teana Sweeney, Accounting Specialist. Years at AttainIt: 2, Years in the Industry: 23
Teana Sweeney is responsible for reviewing incoming contracts prior to acceptance by the company, ensuring AttainIt can efficiently comply with all requirements in the contract. Teana tracks and maintains an open order report for the president of the company. She is also responsible for entering and problem solving payables and posting customer payments. Having experience across different teams and departments, Sweeney is often called upon to act as a mentor to team members with complex customer requests and ordering issues. tsweeney@attainit.net